Meet the Fairbears

Hello and welcome to the hectic jumble that is life with the Fairbears!

The Fairbears are…

Papa Bear: Award winning photographer George Fairbairn, not just an incredibly creative artist but also the master of Lego and Minecraft who has boundless energy to play with the cubs! He’s also pretty damn foxy so I’m one lucky girl!

Little Bear: Our rambunctious 6 year old son, he’s a working model and is an old head on young shoulders. LB is one of the funniest people I know and always has us laughing!

Rainbow Bear: The newest member of the Fairbears, although she’s only 5 months old this girl has already developed Beyoncé levels of sass and give the best smiles around. Being surrounded by boys from the wider family RB’s going to need all that sass to keep them in line!

Mama Fairbear: Mother, marketer and occasional tea based model, constantly battling between wanting to be a size 10 and my never ending love of cakes, chocolate and all things naughty. Watch as I try (and sometimes fail!) at balancing a full time career in brand marketing and parenthood, it’s never dull!

No two weeks are ever the same so make sure you check back regularly for what’s new in our crazy little world!


Mama Fairbear x