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Bedtime Routine for Busy Mums

5th October 2016


Hello you lovely lot. This last week has been rammed as usual, getting back to work after a period of illness means email back logs, postponed meeting catching up, and on top of that an overnight stay for a big project… manic! The only thing not causing bedlam this week is getting the kids off to bed (see what I did there), and that’s because from about 4 months we implement a bedtime routine. Ours has served us well with LB still largely having the same routine now at almost 7 years old as he did when he was a baby, and now RB is 2 months into this set routine we have no problems getting her off to sleep (sleeping through the night on the other hand still needs work!).

Everyone has a different approach to bed times, Britmums has asked me to write about my bed time experience and have provided a free tube of Bepanthen Nappy Care ointment to use over the course of the week to see if it helps us all get a bit more sleep as part of their Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge!

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