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Salmon and Yogurt Potato Salad

13th October 2016


Hello you lovely lot! The other night poor PB was feeling poorly so our normal divide and conquer approach went right out the window and I had both kids and tea to get ready. It’s only fair considering he had to do everything for a full week whilst I was out for the count with labyrinthitis I suppose! We are passionate about cooking from fresh and rarely will use a packed mix for dinner; we’ve always thought that it’s just as easy to cook something from scratch using real food instead of using these mixes.

So if you’re stuck for ideas of something for your tea tonight have a go at what I rustled up in about 25 minutes.

2 salmon fillets (1 per person with some cut off each fillet for LB!)

4 new potatoes per person (we cooked 12 as LB has a smaller portion)

1 lemon

125g pack of asparagus tips

115g pack of samphire

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Tbsp plain zero fat yogurt

1 crushed garlic clove

Salt and pepper to taste

  1. Preheat oven to 190°C and prepare a baking tray by spraying with Frylight 1 Cal spray
  2. Put a small and a medium saucepan of water on to boil
  3. Simply put 2 salmon fillets on a baking tray and squeeze half of the lemon over both fillets and season with salt and pepper, place the half of the lemon into the tray with the salmon
  4. Bake salmon for 18 minutes
  5. In the mean time cut the potatoes in half and place into the boiling water – they will cook in about 10-15 minutes, they’re ready when you can easily insert a knife into them
  6. Prepare the asparagus if you aren’t using tips by breaking the woody bottom part off and place into boiling water, they will cook in 4 minutes so don’t go too far!
  7. Remove the cooked asparagus from the water but don’t throw the water away
  8. Place asparagus into a bowl and drizzle with olive oil, season to taste
  9. Put the samphire into the water you used to cook the asparagus (thus avoiding another pot to clean!) and cook for 2 minutes
  10. Whilst the samphire is on, drain the potatoes and add a the yogurt and crushed garlic and mix thoroughly
  11. Remove the samphire from the water and mix with the other half of the lemon juice – do not add any salt as it is already quite salty tasting
  12. Remove the salmon and serve all together


For LB I didn’t add the yogurt to the potatoes (he prefers them plain) and dissected the salmon to within an inch of it’s life. I also served cucumber instead of asparagus as he is not a fan of the wee side affect that comes with eating asparagus! The bonus was LB loved the samphire and ate loads of it so there’s a new veggie that we can put into the repertoire for him.

With delicious, healthy food that’s quick to knock up there’s no need to opt for the packet products! What’s a great mid week meal that you like to rustl up when time is tight and the kids are hungry?


Mama Fairbear x



A day at the pumpkin patch

9th October 2016


Hello you lovely lot! The nights are drawing in, the leaves are starting to turn and the dreaded humidity of Summer is a distant memory. It’s definitely Autumn!! Maybe it is because my birthday is in October but I’ve always loved Autumn, I love everything about it, the food (definitely not salad weather anymore), the fashion (hello comfy jumpers and boots), the crisp feel of the air and most of all Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.  Continue Reading


Bedtime Routine for Busy Mums

5th October 2016


Hello you lovely lot. This last week has been rammed as usual, getting back to work after a period of illness means email back logs, postponed meeting catching up, and on top of that an overnight stay for a big project… manic! The only thing not causing bedlam this week is getting the kids off to bed (see what I did there), and that’s because from about 4 months we implement a bedtime routine. Ours has served us well with LB still largely having the same routine now at almost 7 years old as he did when he was a baby, and now RB is 2 months into this set routine we have no problems getting her off to sleep (sleeping through the night on the other hand still needs work!).

Everyone has a different approach to bed times, Britmums has asked me to write about my bed time experience and have provided a free tube of Bepanthen Nappy Care ointment to use over the course of the week to see if it helps us all get a bit more sleep as part of their Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge!

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DIY birthday card

2nd October 2016


Happy Sunday Mamas! Last week was the Grand Cougar’s (my mother) birthday, my Mum is my crafty inspiration there’s not much crafty she can’t turn her hand to. So to truly honour her day I wanted to make her a card instead of rushing off to Tesco for one!

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Looking For: Time to relax

29th September 2016


The eagle eyed among you might have noticed that the blog has been kind of quiet recently, and this is for a very good reason… Labyrithitis! I like a lot of other girls I know get a big kick out of being called “Super Mum” and therefore plough all of our energy into baking, pinning and crafting a perfect home life for our families. But what about us? This is what happened when my body decided to shut me down for a week.

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Adventures in Weaning

10th September 2016

 Baby weaning

Our little RB has been telling us for weeks that she’s ready to properly move on to solids, the biggest sign was her ploughing face first into my ice cream when I was holding her on holiday! Continue Reading


Back to School!

5th September 2016


Happy Back to School day Mummies! Today’s routine was blown to smitherines because I had to be out of the house by 5am to catch a train into London. A lot of coffee will be needed to get through this day.

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