DIY birthday card

2nd October 2016


Happy Sunday Mamas! Last week was the Grand Cougar’s (my mother) birthday, my Mum is my crafty inspiration there’s not much crafty she can’t turn her hand to. So to truly honour her day I wanted to make her a card instead of rushing off to Tesco for one!

As a Mum you always tend to have a stash of basic craft items so I was able to rustle this up with bits and bobs we already had. All you need to make this special card is a plain piece of A4 card, an A4 sheet of green (or whatever colour takes you fancy) card, a book, scissors, felt tip pen and a glue stick.

Simply fold the white card in half to form the basic card shape, then rip a page or two from your book. Make sure you use a book that you won’t mind destroying, for this I used pages from The Whale Rider because snooze! Cut cloud shapes out of the pages, if you have the time try to find some areas with meaningful words to use, or if you’re like me just cut them out from anywhere and hope for the best.

Stick the clouds onto the front of the card using the glue stick. Next cut out two identical hearts from the green card, glue one of the hearts to the front of the card. Take the second heart and fold it in half, gun the glue stick along the fold and stick over the first heart to make the balloon 3D.


Then using the felt tip pen draw a basket and ropes under the balloon. And hey presto, you have a fabulously kitsch and totally one of a kind card!

All in all this took me 15 minutes to whip up and really put a smile on the Coug’s face!

Let me know if you give this a go in the comments below!


Mama Fairbear x

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