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29th September 2016


The eagle eyed among you might have noticed that the blog has been kind of quiet recently, and this is for a very good reason… Labyrithitis! I like a lot of other girls I know get a big kick out of being called “Super Mum” and therefore plough all of our energy into baking, pinning and crafting a perfect home life for our families. But what about us? This is what happened when my body decided to shut me down for a week.

A week last Saturday I was running around in normal hectic style as I had decided to have a half birthday party for RB, not content with needing to scrub the house to within an inch of it’s existence I just HAD to bake a cake. THEN I thought “Well the shed isn’t finished yet either” so out came the sewing machine and I ran up a length of bunting. The next morning, the day of the party (which was quickly cancelled) I opened my eyes and the room was spinning like I’d drank a bottle of vodka the night before, not diligently sewing flags of waterproof fabric to ribbon! I could not lift my head from my pillow and there I stayed for the next 3 days before I could even think about moving to the sofa downstairs! Over a week and a half later I’m still not back to normal and probably won’t be for a few weeks yet.

This was a massive wake up call to me, I was utterly useless to my family and missed out on almost a week of my children’s lives, playing with them, feeding them, even the night time snuggle was a queasy affair so short in duration. PB was an absolute rock star for the week and took care of everything so I didn’t have to worry, but still I felt a huge sense of guilt. Who did I think I was? Trying to rush around and win “Mum of the Year” for my efforts. I’m sure my children would have preferred me being vertical that some jaunty bunting and a bunny cake.

So this blog is going out to the mamas who are competing against the impossible standard we think we need to adhere to. WE NEED TO LOOK AFTER OURSELVES TOO! My labyrinthitis was brought on by me exhausting myself, well I’m not giving it another window. I’ve turned over a new leaf, I will still pin and bake and craft but no more burning the candle at both ends. We need to find the time to relax for ourselves, so if it doesn’t get done in a one hour window after the kids have gone to bed, it’s just not going to get done!

Practice a little self care this week, for me that’s looking like a 9pm bedtime in fresh sheets, what does it look like for you?


Mama Fairbear x


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