Adventures in Weaning

10th September 2016

 Baby weaning

Our little RB has been telling us for weeks that she’s ready to properly move on to solids, the biggest sign was her ploughing face first into my ice cream when I was holding her on holiday!

Before then we’d been letting her sporadically try some baby porridge and the odd puréed banana but for the last two weeks we’ve been having a proper go!

RB is 6 months this week and current guidance from the NHS is to wait until 6 months to start the weaning process so we began a little early but with the signals we were given it felt right. Mother’s intuition goes a long way.

Beginning on holiday meant we turned to the trusty pouches of puréed fruits and veggies and in all honesty it saves you having to batch cook and then figure out what they like after. I batch cooked apples before and of course she hated them! So we bought every single variety of one fruit/veg purée they had (it’s advised that you introduce food one at a time to help identify intolerances).

RB has gobbled up everything we’ve tried except for the aforementioned apples, and as you can see in the photo at the top of the post avocado went down like a fart in a space suit!! This weekend I’ll start batch cooking the things she does like for next week’s meals!


Mama Fairbear x

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