The case for letting them choose their own clothes

9th September 2016


Tonight was an evening just like any other, we decided to go out to a local countryside pub for dinner to celebrate a very promising meeting that PB had with a record label. When I got in from work they were ready to go, complete with LB out of school uniform and into casual clothes… of his choosing 😳

What differed this evening is that normally I would make LB change into something a bit less, shall we say “individual”, this evening I decided to just let him wear what he wanted. I mean we always try to let LB make his own choices and learn from them so why not let him select his own wardrobe?

Typically, and like every other parent on the planet, I worry about what people think of my parenting skills and how they judge me for my children’s appearance. I know this to be true because my grandmother would have probably refused to go out to dinner with us until he was properly attired haha! We constantly worry that if our children look scruffy or not like they’ve jumped off the page of a Next catalogue that people see us as sloppy and uncaring parents. And worst of all we project this onto our children by removing their individuality once they reach a certain age, so this evening I said what the hell and let him go out to dinner in vest, shorts, school shoes and a tie for a Rambo style headband.

Do you know what happened next? Absolutely nothing. Social services were not called, no one even looked twice at him (until he busted out his karate moves of course!) and I didn’t feel the searing judgement of other parents boring into me. And for LB’s part he felt comfortable (if not a little chilly!) and proud that he was able to present his true self to the world.

Tomorrow morning I challenge you to let your little one pick their own clothes, you’ll be amazed to see how they choose to show their individuality.


Mama Fairbear x

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