Back to School!

5th September 2016


Happy Back to School day Mummies! Today’s routine was blown to smitherines because I had to be out of the house by 5am to catch a train into London. A lot of coffee will be needed to get through this day.

Luckily I’ve employed a few tried and trusted tips to get us through this first Back to School day so everything should be on auto pilot.

  1. The night before make sure everything is packed and by the front door, this means  the book bag, PE bag and shoes. This saves you valuable time trying to find bits and pieces that are scattered to the 4 corners!
  2. Lay out the next day’s uniform the night before including underwear! “Mummy wear is my…” Is a common cry in our home, laying out all of LB’s clothes the night before stops the inevitable uniform scavenger hunt.
  3. Set expectations. LB knows before he can watch TV in the morning he has to be dressed, teeth brushed and breakfast eaten. Giving ownership of their routine in the morning is a fantastic life lesson for kids.
  4. Family command centre. Having a central point in the kitchen where you can put important dates, the millions of letters from school, homework books etc. is crucial for every organised Mummy! This week I’ll be posting about my own Command Centre so stay tuned.
  5. Breathe. Easier said than done but try to relax, soon enough you’ll be back into a routine but for the first week if you remember that this too shall pass it’ll make the experience smoother and hopefully less stressful.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!


Mama Fairbear x

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