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September 2016


Looking For: Time to relax

29th September 2016


The eagle eyed among you might have noticed that the blog has been kind of quiet recently, and this is for a very good reason… Labyrithitis! I like a lot of other girls I know get a big kick out of being called “Super Mum” and therefore plough all of our energy into baking, pinning and crafting a perfect home life for our families. But what about us? This is what happened when my body decided to shut me down for a week.

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Adventures in Weaning

10th September 2016

 Baby weaning

Our little RB has been telling us for weeks that she’s ready to properly move on to solids, the biggest sign was her ploughing face first into my ice cream when I was holding her on holiday! Continue Reading


Back to School!

5th September 2016


Happy Back to School day Mummies! Today’s routine was blown to smitherines because I had to be out of the house by 5am to catch a train into London. A lot of coffee will be needed to get through this day.

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